Frequently Asked Questions
The construction industry in Florida is a large, complex  product of
many departments, organizations, and individuals engaging in
numerous trades and professions.  Any construction project can, at
first, seem like an organizational nightmare.  This page lists some of
the common questions which customers ask, some general to the
industry, others specific to Massey Construction, Inc.  Whether you
are ready for a bid proposal on a 50,000 sq. ft. building or have just
begun to sketch your design for a garage addition on your home, we
are very serious about addressing your needs, answering your
questions, and helping you to feel confident and informed.  Scroll
down to browse the various questions and answers.  Please contact
us at the link below with any additional questions.  We look forward to
hearing from you.  

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Are you licensed and insured?

What does Massey Construction, Inc. need from the customer
to begin planning and bidding a project?

What is Green Building?

What is Energy Star?

What is the USGBC?

Ok, I want to build a home and I want to "go green"!  What sets
Massey Construction apart from the field?

What is PayPal?  How does it work?

Is PayPal secure?

What are ICFs?

What is the benefit of building with ICFs?

What are the advantages of ICFs over conventional wood
framing or traditional masonry?

Do I have to purchase a home or building from Massey Construction using
Green Building materials and methods and/or Energy Star products?
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