Welcome to the Custom Homes section of our site!  Massey Construction is,
first and foremost, a custom home builder.  It is our goal to deliver unto you a
"sensible project for the modern era".  Some of our services to prospective
buyers include:

-         Access to literally dozens of floor plan models.  Take a look, change
anything you want, or start completely from scratch if you want!  With a
custom home, the possibilities are truly endless.

-         We are not a law firm, but we work closely with a real estate attorney
who can offer counsel on issues of obtaining a lot on which to build.  Naturally,
the legal issues in home-building are the most complex; we will get answers
for you!

-        In times like these, we all need to think about how to save money!  We
will share our energy expertise with you and give you options for every detail.  
We are very experienced in finding a balance between utility, energy
efficiency, appearance, and price.

-        You can contact us at any time via phone, text, or email.  Our team
carries the office with them!  You'll NEVER hear "Uh, so-and-so isn't in the
office right now, so you'll probably have to wait at least half a day until you get
an answer to your important question.  Sorry."  Ridiculous, isn't it?  We think
so, too.

-        We are experienced in every phase of the building process.  This
means that, unlike most general contractors, we provide a large part of our
own labor "in-house".  The result is that we can beat our competitors' prices!  
During phases that we subcontract, we still visit all of our sites daily and are
always prepared to handle any situation.

-        Click
here to view the many available features of a Massey Construction
custom home!
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