ICFs (insulating concrete forms) are foam blocks, typically made of
expanded polystyrene foam, which are used to build structural walls.  
The foam blocks are interlocking and stackable (think Legos tm) and
have webbing inside them so that reinforcing steel bars (rebar) can
be laid inside them.  Once the entire wall form system is stacked and
locked together, the foam blocks are poured full of concrete, thus
creating a solid, reinforced concrete wall.  The foam remains in place
even after the concrete is dry.  This accomplishes several tasks: the
foam acts as insulation, the foam acts as backer for interior and
exterior finishes (such as drywall and bricks), and the foam provides a
sound and moisture barrier.  ICFs are quickly becoming the preferred
building method, especially amongst customers who demand a
high-performance product.  Learn more and look for us at
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