A reinforced concrete wall is virtually impervious to forces of nature.  
Peace of mind during Florida hurricanes is very comforting.  The ICFs
negate the need for further insulation, since the foam itself has a
higher r-value (a measure of thermal resistance and insulation
efficiency) than traditional pink fiberglass insulation.  The foam is
sturdy enough to provide a ready backing surface for any common
interior and exterior finish.  Drywall and stucco, for example, can be
applied directly to the surface.  The ICF wall system creates a "tighter"
building envelope than traditional construction and results in greater
energy efficiency.  The sound barrier qualities are desirable to most
wall system and the slab become monolithic (one solid unit).  This
results in keeping pests and moisture out, and keeping desired air
temperatures in.  The foam also provides the concrete with a better
curing environment than other form types.  Termites will not destroy
concrete, nor will it ever rot.  The foam itself is
environmentally-friendly, containing no toxic materials.  Installation is
efficient and quicker than traditional framing.
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