The only thing we need from a customer to begin formal operations on
permitted work is a set of  construction plans, a.k.a. blueprints.  We have
literally dozens of floor plans to show you, all of which can be modified
until the design meets your EXACT specifications.  It is our job to ensure
that your home/project is built according to your ideas and vision!  Keep
in mind that many of our services do not require permitting, in which
case the blueprint step can be omitted.
Once the plan is finalized, we submit a contract agreement.  Upon
agreement to the price and terms, we will administer every aspect of the
entire project until the "keys are turned over to the owner," i.e. until the
project is complete.  If you change your mind about any detail of your
project during construction, no problem!  We will do anything within our
power to accommodate the revision.  
From the moment you first contact us, we offer full project and energy
consultation to help you decide exactly what will go into the design and
construction of your project and how energy efficient the final product will
Massey Construction, Inc.
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